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Best way to get round edges in IE

Posted in webdev by hasen on 12/09/2009

I’m sure we’ve all struggled with it too much with this issue. IE just doesn’t support any css property to render round edges.

The best solution, ultimate best solution, it to just give up and let IE users see sharp edges. Of course, add the border-radius property to the css style sheet, maybe a future version of IE will support that property.

But yeah, save yourself and your audience all the trouble.

Any method to support round corners in IE6 will either result in a mentanence nightmare or a sub-optimal user experience. You’ll either create too much boilerplate code (nested divs, extra css, tables, etc) and/or the user will have to download extra data (javascript, background image, etc). You’ll possibly slow down the page too, if you have a script that injects the boilerplate code after the page loads.

Possibly related link:


Actually, as it turned out, This is the best way to round cross-browser round corners: http://www.malsup.com/jquery/corner/


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